Company Background

The company was established in 1986 with the prime objective of providing service and locally produced parts at competitive prices to Turbo Machinery users.
In this regard we have successfully provided service to the majority of the mining houses in the Gold, Diamond and Platinum mines in South Africa, and the Copper mines in Zambia.
Our competent staff has over the years built strong and lasting relationships with our clients and is renowned for providing professional, dedicated, reliable service and quality products.
We are a compact organisation with machinery purchased solely for the repair and manufacture of rotating machinery parts, including balancing machines and a purpose built vacuum overspeed test facility.
All of the lathes, boring mills and milling machines are equipped with electronic digital readouts, with this equipment and staff all parts are manufactured on our premises in Vanderbijlpark with the exception of specialised heat treatment, gear cutting and grinding.
On site services include installation and commissioning projects, major overhauls, upgrades, laser alignment, vibration analysis and troubleshooting. The most common general overhauls are conducted in the capacity range of 10 000 to 40 000 cubic feet per minute. We have been responsible for the complete refurbishment and installation of many G.H.H, Sulzer and Demag compressors with the largest having capacity of 100 000 cubic feet per minute that was commissioned in 1995.
We have manufactured individual impellers, rotor shafts and complete compressor rotors for Sulzer, G.H.H and Demag compressors for Anglo American Corporation, J.C.I, Harmony, Goldfields, Air Products and Rand Mines. The largest contract being to manufacture six complete 30 000 G.H.H compressor rotors consisting of forty-two riveted impellers for the Amplats Mines in the Rustenburg area.
These contracts include full quality assurance, data books and extensive metallurgical research and testing, with certain design checks and finite element analysis conducted on our behalf by the Anglo American Central Technical Office, and Mechanical Engineering Department.
All parts produced in our workshop are manufactured to the highest international standards according to our detailed drawings and manufacturing procedures.