Our workshop and branch is situated in the Vanderbijlpark Industrial Corridor, which has a high concentration of manufacturing concerns, and is surrounded by an extensive network of regional and national roads. 

Products and Services
The company provides the following services:

  • The repair and manufacture of rotating machinery parts.

  • On site services which include turnkey installation and commissioning projects.

  • General and Major overhauls

  • Upgrades

  • Laser alignment

  • Vibration analysis and troubleshooting

  • Dynamic balancing

  • Overspeed Testing

  • Complete Q.A Data Books

  • Third Party Inspection and Testing

  • Impellers

  • Complete Rotor Assemblies

  • Diffusers and Labyrinth Seals

  • White Metal Bearings

  • High Speed Gearbox Repairs

  • Epicyclic gearboxes